C# Tips – Using delegate in List.Find() predicate

If we had a funcional language (eg or ), we could easily manage a collection or list.
With the , we can work equally functional with (Exploring). using this feature of the we can develop, process and manage our data more easly, especially with .

An example that I wish to use, and is also the most frequent that I happened to develop, is the use of these anonymous delegates to the search function of a generic list ()

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Translate localized error messages from .NET, SQL and Windows – FindErr.NET

A quite common situation: a rintime error with a harder to understand message (or not).
Looking on the various search engines, it’s easy to find solutions, resources, examples.

In many cases, however, the messages are in another language, and often the translation does not match with the original message. Looking for the message on the search engines, you do not find much information and sometimes you can not find material that help to solve the problem.

The solution comes from a very brilliant site:
Translate localized error messages from .NET, SQL and Windows – FindErr.NET

In addition to having a browsable catalog by subject and alphabetically, also has an internal search that presents the result in 22 specific language (Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional) with its translation into English and a ready link for google.

Well, we have to create a shortcut on our desktop!!